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It’s worth reading OK GO’s open letter to the people of the world in which they discuss their record label’s refusal to make their new YouTube videos embeddable – despite the fact that the immense popularity of OK GO’s viral YouTube videos is what made the band rich and famous in the first place. OK GO apparently argued with EMI and lost, but they clearly think their label is being penny wise and pound foolish: the penny per play on YouTube may not be worth the loss of spreadability. To counter this, the band has also put their video up on Vimeo, which does (for the moment) still allow embedding, though they’re aware this will split their hit count. But: “With or without this embedding problem, we’ll never get 50 zillion views on a YouTube video again. That moment – the dawn of internet video – is gone. The internet isn’t as anarchic as it was then. Now there are Madison Avenue firms that specialize in “viral marketing” and the success of our videos is now taught in business school.” (Meanwhile, its worth saying that the band are clearly geniuses when it comes to spreadability: their new song and video feature the Notre Dame Marching Band. The sound you hear is that of a million high school and college marching bands tuning up: there’s more than one way to get your song out there!)

OK Go – This Too Shall Pass (

In other news, you can watch yours truly give a talk called Things We Don’t Have In The Future…and How Fan Arts Can Help to the freshmen class at the University of the Arts, which is doing a shared First Year Experience called ReMix, ReWrite, ReAct. I served as tour guide to some fantastic fan art and vids: if anyone needs to be thinking about remixing and read-write culture, it’s the artists of the future!

News of Note
  1. cunningplan commented:

    The lecture was really great!

    • fcoppa commented:

      Thanks so much!

  2. Laura Shapiro commented:

    Your talk was terrific! I really enjoyed listening, and I’m very appreciative that you’re speaking about systemic erasure of people of color & queers as well as women in mainstream media. And you make it so much fun; the students must love you.

    • fcoppa commented:

      Thanks so much! (Actually, that’s a point I probably ought to have made–that *fan arts* make critique fun! You heard the response to the art!–audible gasps, audible laughs, etc.)

  3. rdphantom commented:

    I really enjoyed your presentation, and I thought it was really cool that the audience liked the fan works so much! You made an excellent presentation. Did they film the Q&A session? I thought it would be neat to see that too.

    • fcoppa commented:

      Hey, sorry to be belated in answering. I don’t know if they filmed the Q&A, but it wasn’t much, as I remember it–the students mostly wanted to talk one-on-one rather than go up to the mikes. So glad you enjoyed the talk, though! 🙂

  4. Mikes_Grrl commented:

    I’m not sure where to make this suggestion, so all apologies:

    It would be wonderful if there was a place on this site where people could recommend “links/news of possible interest to the OTW” – even if it is just a basic contact form, it would make it easier to suggest things.

    For instance, I just discovered that has a whole fanfic section ( which I think is interesting, and brings up points concerning fair use, copyright, etc. Mind you the fanfic actually posted there is kind of…mixed bag, or not even fanfic by any measure I would use. Still, it’s there.

    Anyway, that’s my suggestion. Thanks for all you guys do!


    • elizabethyalkut commented:

      You can always tweet links to us, @otw_news, mark them for our attention at delicious with the tag for:otw_news, or drop a line to the Communications Committee at their contact form. I hope that helps!

    • fcoppa commented:

      Also, you can drop a comment on any post here, or at the posts I’ve made on the mirror LJ, IJ, or DW sites, and it will reach me!