Links Roundup: Things of Interest To Fans

AfterEllen has an article on femmeslash and fan art called Fan Art Empowers Queer Women, written by Danielle Riendeau. There’s links to some great stuff in Buffy, Xena, the L-word, etc. as well as vids. Well worth checking out.

Avi Santo’s latest contribution to in media res, a blog in which different scholars curate short video clips, is called, From ‘Heroes’ to ‘Zeroes’: Producing Fan Vids without Fans and talks about how the Heroes PR department have been creating promotional materials that look like fan products but without the hassle of dealing with actual fans. Santo asks, “What happens when fans realize they have been replaced by marketers schooled in their practices?”

Political Remix Video continues its series profiling vidding as a form of political remix; check out their new entries on Laura Shapiro’s vid Wouldn’t It Be Nice? and thingswithwings’ vid The Glass.

Henry Jenkins, in collaboration with Xiaochang Li, Ana Domb Krauskopf with Joshua Green, has been writing an eight part series on spreadable media. Of particular interest to fans might be Part Four, Thinking Through the Gift Economy, which specifically takes fandom as its model, and talks about how fans have tended historically to resist the commodification of our labors of love.

Gillian Carr, writing in Capital Arts Online, a culture magazine written by Carleton University’s journalism students, has done an article called, Remix: The new DIY cinema that discusses fan vidding, political remix, anime vidding, machinema, and other remix forms.

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