Links Roundup for November 24, 2010

* Board member Rebecca Tushnet has posted notes from a presentation she gave on vidding at Notre Dame’s Creativity and the Law Symposium, Scary Monsters: Hybrids, Mashups, and Other Illegitimate Children.

* TWC editor Kristina Busse has posted Affective Aesthetics to the Symposium Blog, a piece that argues that fan works are still discriminated against because they engage the emotions as well as the critical facility.

* The New York Times is soliciting Harry Potter fanfic from students; What Would Your Favorite Literary Characters Be Like If Their Stories Never Ended?

* Moby has founded Moby Gratis, a site which makes music available for free to makers of independent, student, and non-profit films or videos.

* Dan Pankraz’s Generation C: The Connected Collective Consumer sounds an awful lot like fandom.

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