Links Roundup for 9 December 2011

Here’s a roundup of stories on fan behavior that might be of interest to fans:

  • The upcoming release of Hunger Games has brought a new case of fan outrage over film casting. In a post at Blogher, one writer examines fan commentary “when the characters they had imagined in their minds did not look the same as the actors who will portray them in the film.” After examining specific examples the blogger concludes, “the most telling issue about these comments is how people have envisioned these characters, not because of how they were described in the book but because of how they see the world.”
  • The world of sports has also had controversies regarding racial attitudes embedded in team names and fan practices. In this post about University of Kansas sports fandom, a Missouri Tigers fan focuses on the “slaver” taunt used by fans and examines its historical accuracy, concluding “Perhaps someday the classier and more enlightened segment of the KU fan base will evolve into a majority that relegates the “slaver” taunt to the trash can where it belongs.”
  • As this post by a sports journalist points out, however, some fans are more defined by their opposition to things than support. Discussing attendance at a football game while wearing a hockey jersey the writer found himself in an uncomfortable atmosphere. “When did we get so callous as a fan base? When did it become unacceptable to wear Denver sports gear to a Denver sports game? At the game, the crowd itself was divided. Fans in Terrell Davis jerseys yelling at fans in Tebow jerseys, fights breaking out in the stands only to be broken up by police officers.”
  • A different controversy broke out in Supernatural fandom over fictional fans. Various bloggers offered opinions on the portrayal of slash fandom through the character of Becky Rosen, a recurring character in the series. One blogger attempted to start a conversation among fans asking why Becky was so hated, venturing “While it’s difficult to see yourself in a TV character especially when it’s not the most flattering light, Becky (while a mockery) is just another playful jab at the fandom in its entirety. Why do I love Becky? She is devoted to her fandom. No one can say that Supernatural fans aren’t rabid and defensive of the show, their “ships”, or their characters…Becky personifies that, why not embrace her?”

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