Links Roundup for 7 September 2011

Here’s a roundup of stories that contrast FIJAGH and FIAWOL that may be of interest to fans:

  • Writing from the FIJAGH perspective, University of Virginia student paper writer Matt Diton suggests that fannishness has a shelf life, with its peak years being the high school and college time. “I’ve come to the conclusion that each person has the capacity to act on only so much pure emotion, and for someone like me — without a family or a true career — sports can fill that entire hole. However, when the more important things in life come around, sports get pushed to the background. It’s not that the passion isn’t there, that it leaves as you age, it’s just that the active portion of it gets smaller and smaller.”
  • Not all fans follow his trajectory however. In this feature on gamer wedding proposals, considerable time and ingenuity has been devoted by fans to make one of their life’s special moments one that also celebrates their fannishness. In addition to fannish spouses, for some fandom is a family affair. Cons are one place where this multigenerational fannishness can be quite visible, and according to recent reports “[t]hough teams have been slow to adopt them, fan conventions are on the rise in the sports world.”

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