Links Roundup for 7 October 2011

Here’s a roundup of fannish perspectives in media industries that might be of interest to fans:

  • There was extensive speculation about the slashy future of the new U.S. TV series 2 Broke Girls on New York Magazine’s Vulture blog, even though the show just debuted. It draws the conclusion that many experienced femslash fans might come to as well: “2 Broke Girls is on CBS, and while it’s possible to imagine the show developing an entirely different trajectory on cable — over the course of six seasons and many men, these two young women realize they are perfect, not for some dude with a nice six-pack, but each other! — it seems unlikely to transform into something overtly homosexual on a network…You just watch, come some May sweeps, Max and Caroline kissing will be a big ratings stunt.”
  • Another U.S. comedy, Community, has reached new heights in its pop-culture cred. In its season opener, the character Abed is devastated by the short seasons common to many UK TV shows, only to be appeased by being introduced to the decades-long series “Inspector Spacetime”. Fannish reaction to the Dr. Who parody spread quickly. Community, which utilizes many fannish texts and activities in its episodes, has inspired a new platform for the mingling of fannish practices and dialogue. “It’s a funny kind of magic – it’s unofficial, didn’t happen on TV, and just relies of [sic] fans’ understandings of not only TV shows, but how telly itself works.

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