Links Roundup for 7 December 2011

Here’s a roundup of stories on pros “poaching” fan practices that might be of interest to fans:

  • A number of online sites noticed the Kickstarter project seeking funds to publish Fucking James Franco, “a collection of erotic fiction that describes hypothetical sexual encounters with the greatest American actor, writer, and visual artist of all time.” Although the end result is to be a book, the contributors include “visual artists, writers, musicians, and more.” Translating sound into a printed text may be the most novel thing about the effort.
  • Even more articles were written about the new Benetton campaign slashing world leaders in Photoshop. The company also planned “a series of live actions in which young people will post the images of the smooching world leaders “on the walls of locations symbolic of the desperately-needed peace process: Tel Aviv, New York, Rome, Milan, Paris.”” Fans may never have thought it would lead to world peace, but they’ve certainly led the way in enemyslash.
  • This theater review of Hugh Jackman’s one-man show, takes a PWP approach to the performance. “For that’s what this show is all about, finally the erotically charged, two-way relationship between a star and his fans. The Playbill for “Back on Broadway” makes it clear that sex is what this production is selling.” Given the actor’s personal retrospective throughout the show though, perhaps the performance is really more like an interactive RPF epic.

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