Links Roundup for 5 September 2011

Here’s a roundup of stories about fandoms around the world that we thought were of interest:

  • In a post about the ancient history of fan fiction the Arthurian cycle is discussed as an example of how fanfic develops and how fanon can become canon over time.
  • In an interview on Bookslut author Claudio Benzecry discusses his exploration of the world of opera fandom in Argentina. The discussion centers on how he distinguishes fans from people who simply support opera, and the things he learned about enjoying life from fandom.
  • Lastly, Pop Matters published an essay by Dutch researcher Suzanne Enzerink about Gone With the Wind fandom which explores some of the differences in fan engagement that were described in 2009 by fan obsession_inc as transformational versus affirmational fandom.

There are currently no pages on Fanlore for opera or Gone With the Wind. If you’re part of those fandoms we could use your contributions!

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News of Note
  1. via_ostiense commented:

    Interesting article on opera. Thanks for sharing the link! It rings true with my experience as an opera fan (although not as hard core a fan as the people who go 4-5 times a week :( ), and with the judgments that non-fans have of opera-goers (particularly the bit “Most sociological scholarship thinks of this expression of love as a delayed exchange for something else—you get to mingle with fancy people, show yourself off as a cultivated person.”).

    • Claudia Rebaza commented:

      I found his study subject pretty interesting as, in the past, I’ve sometimes seen media or pop music fandoms compared to the fine arts or literature studies, other subjects that have strong class associations. I’d never heard of opera treated more in the way of a popular culture fandom which was quite interesting.

      • via_ostiense commented:

        Now I want Donna Elvira fic! Going to see Don Giovanni soon, hoping for plot bunnies to hop along after I see it.