Links Roundup for 5 December 2011

Here’s a roundup of stories on Twilight fandom that might be of interest to fans:

  • The recent release of Twilight’s latest film produced a flurry of news articles, many of them focusing on fans. The FabLife posted for a week on fans including a feature on Lori Joffs and the Twilight Lexicon. Asked “Have you ever felt this way about any other book/movie/person/thing?” she replied “Of course! I am a fan through and through. When I say I am a fan of something big, I mean it! I’ve been a fan of Disney since I can remember. I saw Beauty and the Beast in the movie theater seven times when I was in high school. I’m a fan of sci-fi and have played around in both the Star Wars and the Star Trek fandoms. And of course, there is Harry Potter! Laura (the co-owner of the Lexicon) and I met each other on line through Potter, and we visited so many Potter fansites that we learned from them how we wanted to run our own site.”
  • The Midland Daily News declared that ‘Twilight’ fandom spans generation, interviewing various mother-daughter fans. “Aimee Seamster, a young wife and mother to two daughters, said, “I heard about it when it came out but I refused to get in on all the hype of the whole thing. I was flipping through HBO and decided to watch “Twilight.” Half-way through, I fell in love with it.” Later her daughter Sheridan watched New Moon at a friend’s house. Aimee said, “After I watched it I realized we both liked it and we had something special just between her and me. It was something we could share.””
  • Many other press clippings deal with the importance of women’s issues, sometimes, as in NY Magazine, simply by noting that it’s a major film with multiple female roles. The Hairpin’s feature compared the story to an “eighteenth-century seduction novel”, while Alyssa Rosenberg responds by noting how the horror of pregnancy and childbirth are addressed in a way few texts dare. Time Magazine agrees and suggests “Maybe part of the reason critics deplore these movies is not only because they are so unfamiliar with kooky heterosexual female fantasies but also because they don’t really like what these fantasies say about men.”

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