Links roundup for 30 January 2012

Here’s a roundup of stories on collaborative fan activity that might be of interest to fans:

  • Comic Book Movie announced that “”The Batman” will be a FANMADE series released on the internet” and asked for suggestions from fans as to the animated movie’s content.
  • asks for contributions for fan fiction citing the many stalled storylines of cancelled soap series. “We’ve lost so many of our soap operas in the past few years. Fans are missing the soap characters they’ve grown accustomed to seeing each day over the years. With that in mind, decided to bring your beloved characters, and not so beloved characters back to life via Fan Fiction.”
  • Unleash the Fanboy announced that a new Star Wars fan film was “groundbreaking” because “a group of Spanish-speaking fanboys made a Star Wars themed flick about two lovers…who happen to be stormtroopers.”
  • The MarySue posted about how a fan film had topped the annual recommendations made by those in the entertainment industry. “Much like The Black List, the Viewfinder List recognizes short form video content and the up and coming helmers responsible for it.”” The live-action short film, Portal: No Escape, got the most recommendations. “Even if you don’t play the video game it’s based on, it’s a really spectacular thing to watch.”
  • Lastly, Think Progress took note of collaborative fan action on a different front, that of speaking out against SOPA. “I suspect that as fandom becomes an increasingly important basis for identity or community, we’ll see more work and organizations along these lines where the values that motivate service are drawn less explicitly from political parties or religious faith and more from powerful fictional texts.”

If you write fan fiction are part of Batman, gaming, or soap opera fandom, or have taken a stand against SOPA, why not contribute your fandom experience to Fanlore? Additions are welcome from all fans.

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