Links Roundup for 28 October 2011

Here’s a roundup of stories on fandom statistics that might be of interest to fans:

  • posted survey results on sports fans which provided both expected and unexpected data. “For instance, 73% of Avid Gymnastics Fans are female and 81% of Avid Figure Skating Fans are female. This is a unique demographic makeup since Avid Fans of sports like the Olympics, Women’s Tennis and the WNBA – classically “female friendly” sports – are only about 50% female.” What’s more, fan interest in these sports was higher than other well known sports such as college basketball, NASCAR, the NHL, or the men’s PGA tour. However the compiled statistic lumped together “avid fans” with people who were only “a little interested” in the sport, making the results clearer about how many men, women, or ethnic and racial group members were disinterested in the sport than “Avid Fans”.
  • Our News of Note post on October 3 cited a study showing low-rated shows were getting more fan activity than high-rated shows. Nielsen has now released some figures on The Relationship Between Social Media Buzz and TV Ratings which states that the two are positively correlated — the higher the show ratings, the more likely there is social media activity surrounding it. They also looked at “the genre of the show, whether the program aired on broadcast or cable, and the length of time the show had been on-air…the amount of ad dollars spent promoting the show and prior ratings (both episode and season)” as factors. In addition the service Tweetreach noted that Twitter traffic could predict the cancellation of new TV shows by measuring both the number of tweets and the favorable or unfavorable nature of their content.

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