Links Roundup for 26 October 2011

Here’s a roundup of stories on women in fandom that might be of interest to fans:

  • A post at Pop Culture Pirate both celebrates women’s skills in creating remixes, and urges others to join in. “For women and girls, especially, it’s a way to talk back to branded affirmations of beauty, take back our identities from corporate commodification, and create better stories about women that don’t revolve around men.”
  • Two instructors at the The Alice Smith School Secondary Campus in Malaysia also urge the hands-on approach when writing about how to use fan fiction in the classroom to help students better engage with literature. Among their suggestions are the “substitute” ending, the ““what if?” of both characters and events”, creating backstories, imagining crossovers, and creating diary entries or email exchanges for characters.
  • Much of the media coverage of fans tends to focus less on fan activities than in how they make a good market for the entertainment industry. In this article from the Christian Science Monitor titled “Duran Duran fans spend hard”, fan finances are the focus in a piece that nonetheless reveals the fandom’s influence on their lives. “Kasandra O’Connell lives in Dublin, Ireland. At the end of October, she will travel to New York on business. The trip, however, coincides with Duran Duran’s Madison Square Garden show…She plans to travel to Venice, Italy, in the spring for a concert. “I never would have traveled like this to see them before Twitter but I’ve met so many ‘DD sistahs’ that I feel perfectly happy traveling and meeting up with new friends,” O’Connell says.””

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