Links Roundup for 25 May 2012

Here’s a roundup of stories about pros playing inside the fandom sandbox that might be of interest to fans:

  • Dubbed the “world’s very first (and only) Science Fiction Football Musical Comedy!” Packer Fans From Outer Space recently ran in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Geared to a hometown audience with its “songs about love, Wisconsin traditions and our historic football rivalry, including ‘You Gotta Hate the Bears’ and ‘Winning is the Only Thing,'” it still provided insiderish/crossover/genre-hopping fannishness that lots of non-Wisconsinites could recognize.
  • Not far away, Canadian Charles Ross performed a one-man show in Adrian, Michigan that was insiderish only to people who had never seen Star Wars (is there anyone left?) “It’s basically me onstage — with no costumes, sets, props or real talent — me, onstage, retelling the original, bad hair, 1970s-1980s ‘Star Wars’ trilogy, basically using my own body and my own impressions,” Ross said. His obsession with the saga came from a source many fan creators can relate to — wanting to know what comes next. As a child he saw a double feature of the first two Star Wars films made. “But [my father] didn’t tell me that it wasn’t the end of the story. I was convinced that the sort-of lame tone left over at the end of ‘Empire Strikes Back’ was the way the story actually ended. And I was like, ‘What a bummer of a story!’”
  • Sony Music decided to employ fan fiction to promote the band One Direction. They partnered with a Wattpad writer who created a five-chapter eBook about the band members “designed to coordinate with the video for the band’s single, ‘What Makes You Beautiful.'” Fans then spread links to the books and video. The marketing effort is among the finalists for the GennY Award which “recognizes best practices of those who have applied new and innovative techniques to connect and communicate with youth.” The winner will be announced at a conference focusing on youth marketing.
  • Then there are some creators who are writing their own fanfic. One that was widely circulated was a story about Lost co-producer Damen Lindelof writing Mad Men fan fiction as fictional sci-fi writer Ken Cosgrove. Another frequently republished story was about romance novelist Diane Story writing Britney Spears RPF, made all the more notable given that she is the aunt of Britney’s former husband, Kevin Federline. Story also “created a contest on her website where the winner can win an actual wedding invitation from Spears and Federline’s 2004 wedding.” And finally, Booktrib hosted an article on fan fiction that discussed Vampire Diaries actor Matt Davis writing fanfic on Twitter: “His crazy, sometimes smutty interpretation of the show he resides on is without a doubt the talk of the community. If the actors can write an alternate universe based on original content, why shouldn’t the fans?”

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