Links roundup for 25 January 2012

Here’s a roundup of stories on female fandom that might be of interest to fans:

  • FemPop claimed that Women Geeks Rule. “Male geeks are the “real geeks” right? The rare female geek who share [sic] the same interest is a girl geek first and a geek second. But according to this infographic male geeks and the fandoms they are most commonly associated with are in the minority. Between them Harry Potter and Twilight fandoms have more than 51 million fans on Facebook. That’s six times as many fans as Doctor Who, Pokemon, Star Wars and Star Trek combined. By sheer numbers female dominated fandoms rule the earth.” The MarySue also pulled out some evidence when pointing out that men and women were equally interested in genre films. “Perhaps Hollywood will see this and realize they don’t need to subscribe to the school of thought that men and women like opposite things.”
  • FemPop was certainly right in suggesting that men are the ones thought of when it comes to fandom, by both the media and the men themselves. In his first column for the author of “Planet Fanboy” wrote “And lest you think you lack the cred to attain true geek glory, I’m here to inform you that all are welcome. Seriously, the more we let in the club, the more likely someone is to introduce us to their sister.” Apparently sisters themselves could not possibly be part of the audience. Similarly, while Unleash the Fanboy (as opposed to just Fan) hosted a column about girl geek myths they also managed to be derogatory about older women in a column about fandom knitting. “At one time in our lives, knitters were the most despised people in the world. Mostly comprised of grandmothers and other matronly figures, they would force us to adorn ourselves in ridiculously embarrassing attire that their hands had diabolically fashioned.”
  • By contrast, The Fangirl Next Door created a podcast on women who are part of the Star Wars franchise adding, “I must make a point to mention that you do not have to be a Star Wars fan for this podcast to hit home. This particular episode is all about empowerment.”

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