Links roundup for 24 July 2012

Here’s a roundup of stories about how fandom has arrived that might be of interest to fans:

  • YPulse, a Millenial marketing site, focused on fan fiction as part of their check-in on youth trends. “What once was a nerdy pastime is now the norm, and fan fiction goes well beyond creative writing. Teens are still writing fan fiction stories, but now they’re also creating videos of themselves acting out scenes from books and movies, crafting animations of their favorite stars in stories they devise, and recording covers of songs with their own twists to the music and lyrics. And Millennial stars and brands are embracing this form of co-creation.”
  • Indeed, discussions of brands and marketing revolves around fandom talk. “Stephenie Rodriguez, of social-media consultancy Mighty Media Group, says there’s no question the internet is enabling people to become more verbal about their views. Without the passionate few, Rodriguez says, the online world would be contrived and disengaged. ‘I believe the presence of a hater or fanboy is an indication of a healthy community,’ she says. ‘A forum or community without conflict reeks of artifice. For brands, nothing sounds as dead as no discussion, no query, no conflict, no advocates.'”
  • Fandom is also the focus of many an academic, one of whom recently discussed “Minions, Memes, and Meta: The Varieties of Online Media Fandom Experience” at The University of South Carolina, Sumter. The presentation focused on “the origins of media fandom, its activities and…fannishness as a philosophy of engaging texts.”
  • Of course the OTW itself hosts many an academic work about fans as well as various other fannish projects, at least one of which led us to believe we’ve arrived when someone created a “me/ao3 otp” fanmix.

If you’re in “brandom”, create fanworks or are an acafan, why not write about it in Fanlore? Additions are welcome from all fans.

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News of Note
  1. Elfwreck commented:’s forums has a 22-page thread about fanfic; it hits a broad range of reactions, everything from “it’s totally illegal and that’s obvious” to “it’s totally great” to “James vs Meyer: which makes you cringe more?” Mobileread is an ebook-focused site that long predates the Kindle; the regulars are mostly avid *book* people but many are entirely new to the concept of fanfiction.

    ThePassiveVoice has a thread on The Fine Points of Fan Fiction, mostly quoting the WSJ article; the conversation in the comments is lively. Passive Guy (who runs TPV blog) is a contract/IP lawyer who blogs mostly about publishing.

    (I have participated strongly in both these discussions; it only now occurred to me that OTW might have an interest in seeing them.)

    • Claudia Rebaza commented:

      As it happens I just came across the PV post today, but the general concept of book readers being introduced to fanfic is also interesting. Thanks!

  2. Fox in the Stars commented:

    Would you consider having a separate news feed (like for Dreamwidth syndication, etc) for important org news as opposed to non-essential reading like the links roundups? I commend your good work for the people who enjoy reading these, but they don’t tend to interest me personally, and I’d appreciate it if I could unsubscribe from them without really cutting myself out of the loop.

    • Claudia Rebaza commented:

      Do you happen to be a Pinboard user, Fox in the Stars?

      • Fox in the Stars commented:

        Very late reply, but no, I’m not.