Links Roundup for 23 March 2011

We’ve got a bumper crop of recent news items that are of interest to fans — a victory for fair use, a refreshingly positive take on fanworks and popular entertainment, and the reversal of a wrongful takedown.

  • Copyright troll Righthaven achieves spectacular “fair use” loss
    Ars Technica reports that Righthaven, known for their indiscriminate lawsuits on behalf of rights owners, lost a recent case when a federal judge ruled that the reproduction of an entire news article by a non-profit group was fair use. Righthaven follows a business model that relies on scare tactics, skipping over the cease and desist step entirely in favor of the spectre of a potentially costly lawsuit. Their gamble that targets will pay to settle out of court didn’t pay off this time, and may actually and ironically have strengthened fair use in the US.
  • 5 Reasons Pop Culture Is Run by Fan-Fiction puts fanfiction into context, and presents a refreshingly positive spin on the topic, looking at the history, range, and omnipresence of fanworks. Hypocrisy is a theme of the article, as it points out again and again that there’s little that divides many oft-mocked fannish tropes from oft-used (and highly successful) entertainment staples.
  • How I Fought a YouTube Takedown and (Eventually) Won
    When Anita Sarkeesian’s remix video critiquing sexism in video games was removed by YouTube not for copyright violation, but for an unexplained Terms of Service violation, she googled, tweeted, and sought help. The tale of the takedown’s reversal is a heartening example of a victory over wrongful removal of content, but the time, effort, and expert help she needed to overturn the miscategorization of her fanwork as spam is sobering.

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