Links Roundup for 2 September 2011

Here’s a roundup of stories about “next generation fandom” that may be of interest to fans:

  • The Wharton business school recently held a For the Win: Serious Gamification conference in which business, government, and education providers came together to discuss how to motivate behavior in work spaces and the marketplace by leveraging their experience with motivating television viewers and fans in online game spaces. The participants noted, however, that success in leveraging fannish behavior in the workspace was dependent on both good design and projects “that really get at something core that people really, genuinely want to do.”
  • In this ESPN post, a sports journalist notes that Twitter has not only given athletes a way to interact with fans, but has also colored the way that he reports on those athletes based upon what he learns about them through those interactions. He concludes that “Twitter has given fans a vehicle to root for players as human beings rather than as characterless objects, numerical fractions of a team.” Twitter is also enabling fans to root for shows before they air. This Adweek article describes how advertisers are pre-identifying audiences by following conversations about upcoming TV shows. This advertiser attention could allow fans to draw in financial commitments for favorite stars’ or producers’ projects before they even air.

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