Links roundup for 19 May 2012

Here’s a roundup of stories looking at transformative works that might be of interest to fans:

  • In this Tumblr blog post, the issue of transformative works is addressed directly and as with many Tumblr posts, the image conveys the message. Here, the subject is Johannes Vermeer’s Girl With a Pearl Earring holding a camera as if to take a picture of her painter or the viewer. “[T]ransformative work, intratextual work, is most emphatically not a new thing, nor a creatively barren thing. It’s awesome. And this image here is delicious, because it takes that lovely painting, in which the model is mysterious, alluring, her parted lips gleaming and her eyes wide as she looks out at the viewer, objectified – and it drags it straight into the 21st century by adding the camera, making it into that recognisable MySpace pose, making her the CREATOR of the image not just the object. She is looking at herself, not at us, and this careful composition becomes an ephemeral snapshot, a fleeting moment in her day.”
  • University of Utah English professor Anne Jamison was profiled as a scholar of fan fiction after the course she taught on it became attached to discussions surrounding Fifty Shades of Grey. “Focusing her scholarly eye to the phenomenon was a departure from the norm for the 42-year-old professor, a native of Albany, N.Y. Yet fan fiction fed her longtime interests in female writers and genre fiction, and she’s in the process of compiling and editing articles for a scholarly anthology on the topic. ‘I told everyone I knew that [fan fiction] is a global connective of housewives and professional women exchanging erotica and writing advice online,’ she said. ‘Everyone yawned. I thought it was very interesting.'”
  • Other higher education coursework also addresses the existence of fanworks. In a recap of vidding that included citations from the OTW’s Rebecca Tushnet, one student concluded “Despite the forces of money, law, technical challenges and the fans’ need to interact with the shows and characters that they love, vidding was born and continues to thrive. The fan communities and their pursuits are supported by the efforts of those, like Lessig and Tushnet, who fight for a better environment for remix culture. Over the months and years to come, I look forward to enjoying the stories and perspectives of fan culture in these kind of vids, and monitoring progress in the fight to allow them to do it.”

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  1. phoenikoi commented:

    In terms of transformative works, have you seen the video series Everything Is A Remix by Kirby Ferguson? I believe it’s both entertainingly presented and potentially useful in a remix culture discussion.

    • Claudia Rebaza commented:

      Hello phoenikoi – thanks for the link, it’s a great series.

      • phoenikoi commented:

        You’re welcome! I hope it’s helpful.