Links roundup for 19 March 2012

Here’s a roundup of stories on aspects of fandom that might be of interest to fans:

  • The Fandom Post speculated recently on issues that engage both mainstream audiences and serious fans and concluded that recasting characters was one of them. “With much of popular culture from the 80′s and earlier being very much white dominated, this is an area that can cause quite a bit of contention all around.” However, “In the end, outside of historical figures, there are few people that I can really think that shouldn’t be recast in different genders and ethnicities. There’s always the feeling by some that doing so betrays the character, but it shows just how strong their bond is to a particular work is than anything else.”
  • While the Motion Picture Academy’s report on digital migration targeted professional filmmakers, its findings are also pertinent for non-profit archives and fan remixers. The “worldwide conversion to digital projection” affects the long-term preservation of visual works, and users were warned that constant migration from format to format would be a necessity.
  • The results of a 2011 International Online Furry Survey were mentioned in a newspaper feature on furry culture which estimated the number of fans as 2.5 million worldwide. A social psychologist who had written various studies on the subculture gave details on her findings, and various congoers were interviewed about their fannish history.

If you make vids, have written fic that recasts characters, or are a Furry fan, why not write about it in Fanlore? Additions are welcome from all fans.

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