Links Roundup for 19 August 2011

Here are a couple of recent stories we think are of interest to fans using video streaming sites:

  • One videomaker recounts how her video became part of YouTube’s advertising program. YouTube’s Content ID software identified the source materials and music she used and matched up ads based on what it found to run with her video. While she stated that she thought the ads were a good fit — they were for her favorite shows — she acknowledged that not everyone whose work had been made part of the advertising program would have the same reaction. Fans have been unhappy in the past with similar retroactive commercialization of their work done without notice or consent, including banner ads. Fan video on YouTube and elsewhere is also a frequent target of copyright holders, who take action such as deleting audio tracks while leaving the video intact or removing videos entirely.
  • Fans utilizing online streaming sites to share videos may also be affected by legislation submitted in the U.S. Congress which could make it a felony to reproduce copyrighted content online. The proposal doesn’t stop at restricting the legality of posting content — it would include restrictions on embedding links to copyrighted video. A post made on GamePolitics took a good look at the legal implications of the bill as it’s currently written and how it could affect gamers and machinima creators in particular.

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