Links Roundup for 17 October 2011

Here’s a roundup of stories on gender in fandom that might be of interest to fans:

  • Newsarama interviewed Geek Girl Con organizer Erica McGillivray about the recent event which “celebrat[es] female involvement in “math, the sciences, comics, sci-fi, fantasy, fiction, gaming and more”” as part of their “Pro-Girls” series. Discussing her particular area of interest, comics, McGillivray did “Some math: women + ethnic and racial minorities + queer people + disabled = the majority of the world’s population and the largest potential audience. Except to continue the status quo of the white heteronormative patriarchy, I don’t understand why any industry continues to only serve the white male market. Of course, comic books aren’t the only industry that does this and [sic] makes me scratch my head.”
  • NPR ran a segment on the new FX television show, The League and “how they explore the bigger theme of middle-aged male friendship through the prism of rabid fandom.” The idea sprang from one of the co-producers who is herself a fantasy football player. “[I]t seemed to me that fantasy sports were really, really growing. There’s so many things about it that make it such a more contemporary book club, if you will, that brings both men and women together in a really organic way.”” (Partial transcript available).

If you play fantasy sports, are in a comics fandom, or if you are a con-goer why not contribute your perspectives to Fanlore? Contributions are welcome from all fans.

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