Links Roundup for 17 August 2011

Here’s a roundup of stories about literary and creative fandom that might be of interest to fans:

  • A first-person write-up of a woman’s entry into online fandom and fan fiction writing was published in The Cultural Gutter this past month, and likely echoes the experience of many a fan, particularly those who take part in fan activities around LiveJournal and Dreamwidth.
  • An interesting discussion took place earlier this year on Language Log about the Tolkien estate’s effort to censor use of the word “Tolkien”, highlighting the problems fans may run into when creating fandom-related works. The fanartist on Zazzle who received the cease and desist order in the cited case countered the attack creatively, adding new items to their store which commented on the censorship effort.
  • Many discussions about copyright and trademark infringement revolve around the issue of intellectual theft. However, some professional artists are of the opinion that “theft” can never be left out of the creative process. In a post about his own creative history, artist and writer Austin Kleon suggests that the “genealogy of ideas” is a complex thing and will always reveal ties to other ideas and works — that’s an idea close to the heart of fannish creativity, and we appreciate seeing it proclaimed from the professional side of the fence.

If you have experienced events such as the case of the Tolkien fan discussed above, why not post them on Fanlore? These conflicts are a part of our history — help preserve it. Fanlore is open to contributions by all fans for any and all fandoms.

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