Links roundup for 16 June 2012

Here’s a roundup of fandom inclusiveness stories that might be of interest to fans:

  • Racialicious posted cosplayer Kendra James’ story about race and fandom. “It often feels like a white cosplayer can not only dress as their favorite characters of color but also do so in the most offensive way without comment. But when a non-white cosplayer colors outside the lines in the same way, there’s a risk of getting an awkward look because–instead of seeing the costume–no matter how perfect it might be, others see the color of your skin and you can see the confusion in their eyes: Why is a black girl dressed as Zatanna? Worse are the ones who aren’t confused, but then think they’re being inoffensively clever. “You know there probably weren’t many Black USO Girls in the 1940s, right?” Or, my personal favorite, “Wonder Woman? I thought you would’ve done Nubia.”
  • The lack of characters of color is also the focus of a post by Learned Fangirl who is concerned that online webseries’ are failing to break ground avoided by television for decades. “I still don’t understand why the show – and Lena Dunhman – were singled out for portrayal of a whitewashed New York City. As if we hadn’t already seen it in SATC or Friends or various other network TV shows since TV was invented.” The failure of programs to hire writers and showrunners of color accounts for much of this, and “[w]ith the major investors and decision-makers in the online world being just as homogenous as Hollywood, I do wonder if online video will ultimately be much different in terms of providing any exceptional new opportunities for writers, producers and showrunners of color.”
  • John Seavey at Mighty God King comments on patheticfangirl’s ringing Tumblr post about her right to ship whomever she wants regardless of the homophobic reactions of offended males. “We are going to ship loudly and proudly and there’s nothing you can do about it. I suggest you stop complaining and jump on the bandwagon. You might be surprised at how much you enjoy fangirls when you get to know us. We have a sense of humor. We have a sense of fun. We just happen to also have a strong sense of romance and a thing for attractive men.” Seavey observes that fandom belongs to everyone in whatever way they wish to celebrate it. “[A]rguing that “this isn’t canon!” or “these characters wouldn’t do that!” is a disingenuous mask that this particular breed of fanboys use to attack fiction that makes them uncomfortable. The same people are probably writing Black Canary/Oracle slash, or at the very least nodding approvingly at it while saying, “Yes, exactly. Good for you for having the courage to show what DC can’t show on the printed page regarding these two characters and their mutual love of kinky bondage games!”
  • Geekalitarian reposted Emily Whitten’s story of her start in the comics field as the creator of the “Ask Deadpool” fansite. She cites a similar path followed by Gail Simone, “who came to the attention of comics publishers through her website Women in Refrigerators, which critiqued the treatment of female characters in comics, and has since written a weekly column on Comic Book Resources and a lot of great comics about both male and female characters, including well-received stints on the all-female group comic Birds of Prey.” Having never planned to go pro, Whitten recommends being fannish first. “I was just having fun with something I enjoy, and expressing a passion for characters and a medium I’ve come to love. As it turns out (I think, and evidence suggests), this is a pretty good way to get started in comics, and the more I think about what I’d like to write in comics, the more ideas I have.”

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