Links Roundup for 13 April 2011

We’re highlighting links of interest to fans and OTW supporters — today, we’ve found two new initiatives that may yield interesting results:

  • The Digital Media Consumption Manifesto is an international effort to offer media producers a solution to digital piracy by suggesting a set of industry standards including transparent pricing, simultaneous international distribution, accessibility options, and freedom from DRM, in exchange for a commitment to purchase rather than pirate from consumers. Many globe-spanning fandoms would breathe a sigh of relief at an alternative to file-sharing that included simultaneous international releases, and we know a few vidders who would be relieved at the end of DRM.

    The Manifesto is also interesting in light of the recent brief issued by the London School of Economics criticizing the UK’s Digital Economy Act. Ars Technica posted an analysis of the brief pulling out the main points, including the statement that providing user-friendly ways to download media legally is a more effective strategy for enforcing copyright than heavy-handed regulation. The full text of the brief can be read here: Creative Destruction and Copyright Protection: Regulatory Responses to File-sharing.

  • The Future of Art Project, which originated in the Open Zone section of Transmediale 2011 (the Open Zone was described as “a social experiment with different social territories that are occupied by artists and media activists”) espouses an open-philosophy model and transmedia approaches that sound a lot like many fandom cultures to us, and their micro-grant may prove relevant to fanartists working with new and innovative technology.

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