Links Roundup for 12 September 2011

Here’s a roundup of stories about transformative works that might be of interest to fans:

  • The Telegraph reviews a new interpretive dance piece based on the life of Osamu Tezuka “revered in his homeland as “the god of manga”.” The review uncovers the fannishness at the heart of the project: “To render one art form through another is not easy…“As an adult, we sometimes try to undo our childhood. We are discouraged from saying what we really care about – things like cartoon books – but now I want to uncover it instead.”
  • Two other examples of how fans “render one art form through another” appear in Fandom in Stitches which pulls together quilt making patterns for a variety of fandoms, and the Post-It War taking place among office workers in France which “draws heavily on the nerd canon.”
  • Such creativity with fandom texts gets overlooked by videomaker CGP Grey who posted “Forever Less One Day” critiquing U.S. copyright law by using Star Wars and other texts as examples of how far copyright has been extended compared to its original intent. While informative, the video makes no mention of transformative works which fall under fair use even though his video is an example of commentary. (The video post also includes a transcript.)

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