Links roundup for 11 April 2012

Here’s a roundup of fan get-together stories that might be of interest to fans:

  • The Calgary Herald featured a company offering fannish travel options. “Cassidy started Geek Nation Tours in 2009 after the recession put a damper on business at his travel agencies. Sitting in his empty office he began listening to podcasts when inspiration struck. ‘I realized these guys are like DJs and they have a specific market they’re talking to,’ Cassidy says. ‘If I’m on a comic book podcast, comic fans are listening. If I’m listening to a podcast about Star Trek or miniature war games, it’s reaching people who love that stuff.’ Cassidy saw an opportunity in marketing to those people via the podcasts, creating trips tailor-made for their passions. ‘I’m going to make tours just for geeks,’ he declared.” Cassidy also hosts “Parallel Universe” tours. They’re designed for the partners of the geeks, who might not share in their significant others’ nerdy passions. “‘We’ll set them up, too,’ Cassidy says. ‘We’ll arrange a limo to send them shopping, or to a baseball game, or a spa, or an art museum. It’s very personalized.'”
  • Soapbox media featured an interview with Christy Johnson, chair of Millennicon who discussed “why sci-fi isn’t a ‘guy thing.'” Citing her 20 year history in attending the con, and her committee work for it for the last 15, she stated “The notation that science fiction is a ‘guy thing’ hasn’t really been valid since the mid-1970s. With the popularity of science fiction television shows and movies like Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, women have always been interested in the genre. Millennicon also showcases some fantasy topics, and both men and women enjoy coming to the convention.”
  • Prism Comics “the premier nonprofit organization supporting LGBT comic books, creators, and readers” posted about its Wondercon panels on LGBT characters and Disney fandom. Unfortunately, such characters are not only rare but sometimes the object of protest as was recently the case with groups who “want to remove the gay character content from Bioware’s MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game Star Wars: The Old Republic.” They call Star Wars a family-friendly series free of sexual situations and innuendo.”
  • Meanwhile those interested about the history of Disney fans could also peruse various posts from the past month detailing the origins of its organized fandom. “Just like today, Disney fandom was filled with personal agendas, hurtful rivalries, misinformation, and more. But, at the core, just like today, was a love of Disney and wanting to share that joy.”

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    I have to say, I really loves these new link rounds ups. Something to look forward to, they really brighten my day. Thank you for sharing.


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      We’re always glad to hear the posts hit the spot for someone. Thanks for letting us know!