Links of Potential Interest to Vidders

From the business section of the Guardian this week: Google seeks to turn a profit from YouTube copyright clashes. The article’s subtitle gives you the gist: “Group is working to persuade music and video companies to cash in rather than clamp down when their content is uploaded.” In short, Google wants to use their content fingerprinting system to report uses–even transformed uses–to copyright holders and then to offer them the chance to put ads on user-generated content. There’s lots wrong with that, but perhaps the wrongest is the idea that the companies have the right to take things down because “because the use does not fit the original’s values.” C’mon, Google! Don’t be evil!

In brighter news, UK Will Urge EC To Legalise Mashups, Format-Shifting, Content Sharing. This “could include legalising more outright copying, the creation of sound/image mashups, format-shifting and sharing material with family and friends.”

Relatedly, folks seem to be figuring out that the DVR isn’t actually the death of commercial television and that so-called “music pirates” actually buy more music. While we’ve heard this song before, optimistically copyright holders will eventually figure out that they shouldn’t be afraid of new technologies.

  1. doro commented:

    Hmm, this might have something to do with the GEMA. Last I heard, they were still fighting YouTube over royalties. I don’t quite understand the GEMA system, but as far as I know, it boils down to: If you want to use it, you have to pay.