Last Day of the March Membership Drive!

OK, the truth is: you can actually sign up for membership (and donate) to the OTW all year round. But like public television and radio, OTW holds membership drives at fixed times during the year so that we’re not constantly pestering you for money. Tomorrow is the last day of our March membership drive; after that, this site will be a free fannish space until October. So here’s our last plea for cash!

If you’re not a member of OTW, please become a member! If you’re already a member, renew your membership! Non-profit spaces like the OTW are one of the ways we fans can push back against the increasing commercialization of the internet and fight the attempted commercialization of our communities. Ten bucks is enough to get you a year of membership and voting rights in our organization.

We are building our own software and buying our own servers. We are stepping away from the increasingly advertising-driven culture of Web 2.0. We are declaring our pride in fandom and the real worth of our fannish communities, practices, activities, and fanworks. We are working together to preserve our many and varied histories and to keep fandom open and alive for all newbies everywhere, without gatekeepers or restrictions.

Join OTW!

OTW: not builded enuff


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