KOSA Moves to the U.S. House of Representatives

Last year, OTW Legal wrote about KOSA and other bills of concern. KOSA has now been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives with virtually similar language as that in the Senate. KOSA was one of the featured bills for the data privacy and kids safety hearing hosted by the House Energy & Commerce Committee on Wednesday, April 17th.

It is important for U.S. citizens to remind the Senate, particularly Senator Maria Cantwell, that KOSA has strong opposition. Instead, the focus should be on broader, comprehensive privacy legislation if we mean to “protect kids” online.

Continued social media posts about fans’ opposition is also helpful. Two good sources include badinternetbills.com and stopkosa.com.

LGBTQ groups are still opposed and thousands of young people explained why they oppose KOSA. It’s important for Senators, particularly those in the Senate Commerce and House Energy & Commerce committees to know that KOSA is a problem bill.

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  1. Alyssa commented:

    KOSA will destroy the internet. It is a Trojan horse for internet censorship, not protection. If this is passed, kids having to upload their government ID’s to use the internet would put them in more harm. Parents should be more responsible for their children’s online experience. Social media companies should not. Parents are responsible for what their kids see and do online, otherwise, they aren’t great parents. This bill will do much more harm than good. Do not let KOSA pass.

  2. Gioia commented:

    Is there something to do from abroad?
    I’m in France

  3. Jessica commented:

    Can you please stop trying to make the internet into some kind of authoritarian state? Every single time a law is proposed to protect children online it really just means censorship. KOSA is just the newest attempt by certain groups to force their views on the rest of us. Do not pass this bill.

    • Genesis commented:

      Who are you talking to?