June 2024 Newsletter, Volume 190


The Fanlore annual bingo was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who took part and awarded badges, and special thanks to Chimaera and FaalThien for their mythical creature and illuminated manuscript themed graphics.

Fanlore’s Fandom in Color event runs all throughout July! The celebration highlights beloved characters of color, the contributions made by fans of color to fandom, and more. Check out Fanlore’s Tumblr and Twitter for spotlighted pages.


Systems worked with Support and others to investigate reports about slow access in some regions. They believe this issue should be resolved now, but if you still have difficulty loading the Archive, check out AO3’s posts on Tumblr and Twitter about alternate ways to access the site.

AO3 Documentation finished their biannual documentation review! \o/ The months-long process provided them insight on how they might update their writing style, along with which documents they plan to prioritize next.

Open Doors announced the import of The House of Tucker, a Star Trek: Enterprise archive focused on the character Charles “Trip” Tucker III. Meanwhile, Accessibility, Design & Technology deployed 0.9.370, which included internationalization improvements and an update that will eventually let them upgrade the Redis servers without downtime.

In May, Policy & Abuse received 2,314 tickets, and Support received 2,011 tickets. Both committees conducted recruitment earlier this year, and they’re welcoming and training their new volunteers!

Also in May, Tag Wrangling wrangled over 400,000 tags, which is more than 960 tags per wrangler! More broadly, the committee has been hard at work designing procedures for facilitating temporary wrangling assistance. They also began audits of older piped relationship tags, and they plan to update them in accordance with current guidelines.


Transformative Works and Cultures announced a Call for Papers for their next special issue which will focus on disability and fandom. Deadline for submissions is January 1, 2025 with an anticipated publication in March 2026.

Development & Membership’s Con Outreach division also has exciting plans. Volunteers plan to table at Worldcon Glasgow and Fan Expo Chicago in August. Also, while volunteers won’t be tabling at Defcon, the OTW’s beloved Tumblr mod will be prowling the floor with swag. Make sure to swing by and say hello!

Curious about what it’s like volunteering for the OTW? Con Outreach also has plans to run an event during Confabulation in October, which will discuss all things OTW volunteering. More information will be shared closer to the date!


The 2024 election season is underway! The deadline to donate for this year’s election was June 30, and Development & Membership and Translation ran a mini drive the weekend of June 21 to encourage membership. Development & Membership has been answering queries about donations and voter eligibility, while Translation has 25 language teams working on elections content, including the mini drive announcement.

Elections has posted the candidate bios and platforms on their website. The committee has also been hard at work coordinating Candidate Q&A posts and live candidate chats. The 2024 election timeline was announced last month on the Elections website; this year’s election will take place from August 16-19.


Board has announced their next public meeting will be held on July 14 at 1 pm UTC (what time is that for you?). The meeting will be held in Board’s public Discord server, and the agenda has been posted in advance on the OTW website. This meeting will trial a new workflow for submitting questions asynchronously; more details are available in the Discord server itself.

Internally, Board has also reworked the first two sections of Board training, completed asynchronous discussions about the OTW Culture Roadmap, and opened the Whistleblower Protection Policy to the entire OTW volunteerbase for feedback.

The Board Assistants Team has also been hard at work on a variety of projects, including a Procurement Request for Proposals template, CSAM Protection Procedures, nonprofit training resources, OTW website updates, and more!


In June, Volunteers & Recruiting set up a new subcommittee under Communications, supported Elections in setting up the upcoming election campaign, and conducted recruitment for a number of committees.

From May 24 to June 24, Volunteers & Recruiting received 182 new requests, and completed 206, leaving them with 55 open requests. As of June 24, 2024, the OTW has 912 volunteers. \o/ Recent personnel movements are listed below.

New Committee Chairs: Bridget Kies (TWC)
New AD&T Volunteers: 1 Coding Volunteer
New Communications News Post Moderation Volunteers: 1 News Post Moderator
New Development & Membership Volunteers: xeno (Convention Specialist) and 1 Membership Data Specialist
New Policy & Abuse Volunteers: Allonautilus, Alruin, RadioCobalt, and 2 other Volunteers
New Translation Volunteers: Jeza, Maura, NaomiLP, and 8 other Translators
New TWC Volunteers: Amanda Hartley and 1 other Copyeditor; Courtney Lazore, Ember, and 1 other Proofreader

Departing Directors: 1 Diversity Consultant Research Officer
Departing Committee Chairs: Karen Hellekson (TWC) and 1 Communications Chair
Departing AO3 Documentation Volunteers: 1 Docs Editor
Departing Communications Volunteers: 1 Posting Specialist, Site Moderator, and Media Outreach Lead
Departing Development & Membership Volunteers: greenmegsnoham (Graphic Designer)
Departing Fanlore Volunteers: greenmegsnoham (Graphic Designer) and shiningpaperclip (Policy & Admin Volunteer)
Departing Open Doors Volunteers: Cyn (Import Assistant)
Departing Policy & Abuse Volunteers: 2 Policy & Abuse Volunteers
Departing Tag Wrangler Volunteers: 1 Tag Wrangling Supervisor and 7 Tag Wranglers
Departing Translation Volunteers: 1 Translator
Departing Volunteers & Recruiting Volunteers: 1 Volunteer

For more information about the purview of our committees, please access the committee listing on our website.

The Organization for Transformative Works is the non-profit parent organization of multiple projects including Archive of Our Own, Fanlore, Open Doors, Transformative Works and Cultures, and OTW Legal Advocacy. We are a fan run, entirely donor-supported organization staffed by volunteers. Find out more about us on our website.

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