June 2010 Newsletter, Vol 39

Welcome to our June 2010 newsletter, with apologies for the belated posting! This month’s updates are just below the cut.

No report.

AD&T have had a quietish month, working towards our latest deploy of new code to the Archive. We’re working on improving our code for enhanced performance, and have been building up our automated test suite.

The Board have been discussing server expansion (yes, already!) and performance improvements for the AO3 (especially now that we’re moving quickly toward multimedia.) We have also continued to liaise with our individual committees and to make sure that chairs have the personnel and resources they need.

We continue to answer the mail, give statements, and post to our blog and mirrors. We’ve also been encouraging (and helping) other committees to communicate more directly to our membership.

Content Policy:
No report.

The Development & Membership team has bid a fond farewell to one of our members, Shoshanna, who went out with a bang by leading a very successful OTW meetup at Con.Txt (and in the process, helped to build a kit for helping anyone to hold the same sort of gathering)! We’re continuing to move forward with our work on multiple grants, and are building resources to make the grant application process into a sustainable workflow. Our social media presence is having an increasingly healthy social life, and we’re working to make that presence more meaningful to the fans in those spaces. We’re also brewing up a little graphics challenge, so stay tuned for that!

Documentation has been implementing the plan to tighten up our internal wiki’s infrastructure to keep all our information where it will be the most useful.

Finance Update:
Fincom is doing very exciting things! Like budgeting! And networking with vendors! And delivering Candygrams!

Academic Journal:
The TWC team is looking ahead to No. 6 even as team members finish up work on No. 5, the production of which starts in July. Calls for papers for several guest-edited special issues have been released and are on TWC’s Web site. Behind the scenes, volunteers are working to look up and hotlink the DOI numbers for all references cited in the essays so they may be hotlinked. And the new Symposium Blog (http://symposium.transformativeworks.org/), edited by Dana Sterling and cryptoxin, is now live!

International Outreach:
No report.

Still not sued. 😉 Steven Hennig has joined the legal team. He is a technology lawyer in Toronto who follows intellectual property law and paints custom sneakers. Steven is actively watching the debate over the recently tabled Canadian copyright bill which, if it were to become law in its current form, could grant significantly broader rights for a number of fannish activities, including video remixes and fan fic. If you would like to keep informed or get involved in the overhaul of Canadian copyright from a pro-consumer prospective, consider checking out http://www.speakoutoncopyright.ca.

Open Doors:
No report.

A rather quiet month for Support as well, though we continue to work hard on tickets! We’ve had some great feedback and suggestions on the Support Board plans, and over the next month we hope to incorporate that and get the development party started!

With Webmasters’ gracious assistance, Systems went live with http://symposium.transformativeworks.org right on schedule on June 6th so that the smart, talky TWC people will have a place to blog. Your systems monkeys are also continuing work on our new backups server which will reduce backup costs and also server slow-down during db backups.

Vidding History:
Vidding History welcomes Leigh (our new torrent guru) and April (a digital librarian) who will be working on the TO3 and the dark archive. We have also been working on drafts of particular Vidding Resource pages, including a style guide for the citation of vids as well as directions for streaming video from your own site.

The Volunteers committee continues to help our committees and projects stay strong and well staffed, and to assure that they have access to the tools they need. This month we bid farewell to our chair, Fran, who has done invaluable work for the committee and is taking a well-deserved break. We’ll miss her, though! We’re always interested in people who would like to lend a hand and get involved in the Org, so if that’s you, then don’t hesitate to contact us!

Webmasters and Systems worked with the Journal committee to launch the new Symposium Blog, which is now up and running. Lately we’ve been talking with Translation about ways to improve our workflow for keeping translated Web content up to date.

Implementation of the Fandom as Category policy is finally winding down, with only a few more small fandoms left that need categories. We’ve also added two new categories, Poetry and Newsgroups, based on specific feedback. We continue to update the help pages and the Image policy is still in the hands of the OTW’s Legal committee. Several members of the committee held a panel at Con.txt this past weekend with the goal of encouraging more participation in Fanlore.

  1. ratcreature commented:

    With the July newsletter coming up, I just wanted to comment that if the wiki Image policy should still be stuck with Legal, I’d like to hear a bit more what the issues are in the next update, because it said this in June, and in May, after the April one announced that the draft would be revised.

    • allison morris commented:

      My apologies that this comment wasn’t replied to earlier! I’ve investigated, and the Wiki Committee has the image policy back from Legal and is working on proposed templates and draft revisions, and plans to bring that forward again very soon.

      Thank you for all of your support for Fanlore!