Join us on Saturday for a Tag Wrangling Open House!

Have you ever wondered about what it is tag wranglers do? Are you thinking about volunteering as a wrangler? Do you have a question about tags on the Archive of Our Own? Is your fandom in need of some temporary assistance? The Tag Wrangling Committee is hosting an open house! This is a drop-in session where you can ask us what’s on your mind, or just have a chat about tags. We’ll also have some AO3 invites to give away.

All are welcome! The chat will be held on Saturday, 15 October at 22:00 UTC (what time is that where I live?) in OTW’s public chatroom on Campfire. The chatroom can be accessed at:

The Tag Wrangling Committee maintains and administers the curated folksonomy system within the Archive of Our Own, assuring accessibility, diversity of fannish expression, descriptive practices, and a high level of user ease.

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  1. ainsley commented:

    Where can those of us who cannot attend the chat get information about how to volunteer? Do we have to do a full Willing to Serve e-mail, or is there someone specific we can e-mail saying that we’re interested and can wrangle for G, H, and I fandoms, all of which are currently without wranglers?

    • Kristen Murphy commented:

      Thanks for your interest in volunteering! You can write to [email protected] (or use the contact form) and tell them that you’re interested in tag wrangling. Once you’re set up with wrangling permissions on the Archive, you’ll have access to an interface that lets you sign yourself up for the fandoms you wish to wrangle.

      • ainsley commented:

        Because they’re working to get more wranglers now and VolCom wants the Willing to Serve letters in a few weeks, should I do them as separate letters, or can I just submit my Willing to Serve letter a bit early?

        Thank you for the information!

        • Kristen Murphy commented:

          You can go ahead and combine them. The annual Willing to Serve drive is our big recruitment push, but we’re happy to hear from potential volunteers at other times as well. 🙂