Join Stub September on Fanlore!

While fans are welcome to edit Fanlore at any time of the year, this month the Wiki Committee is organizing a special event. Stub September is a challenge for anyone, newcomers and seasoned Fanlore editors alike, to pick a stub and expand on it. A stub is an article on Fanlore that is under-developed and missing important information. Right now, there are nearly 1800 existing pages on Fanlore that are already identified as stubs. You’re invited to use the list to find a page where you know something about the topic, and edit the page to add your new information. It’s as simple as that.

In addition to the identified stubs, there are also pages that are missing specific examples to define or illustrate the page topic. This category, examples wanted, is much shorter and needs more specific information. If you know of any examples, just add them to the page.

Feel free to post links to the articles you work on and let others know about the project! If you haven’t yet tried your hand at writing something for Fanlore, Stub September is a good month to add more information to existing Fanlore articles without having to start your own page from scratch. And you might also find out — it’s fun!

If you have questions about Fanlore, or how to get started you can contact the Wiki Committee or stop by their Dreamwidth account.

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