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Fanhackers’ mission has always been to better connect fans to academic work being done about fandom. In the past, Fanhackers has used their platform to report live from conferences related to fandom studies. As the Fandom Studies Network North America (FSNNA) announced that they “continue re-thinking how academic events can proceed and re-fashioning our own approach in pursuit of greater equity and accessibility across fan studies”, Fanhackers is also looking at new ways to participate in these events together.

As FSNNA is a fully virtual conference, fans and academics can all be there together! Instead of relaying what we find interesting from a distance, let us enjoy a space where we can all discuss what we found interesting, what we didn’t understand, what we would like to read up on, and what inspired us for further thinking.

Fanhackers is launching a test run of a new Discord server to host chats with our volunteers between or during panels. To learn more about the conference, visit the link above. If you’re interested in discussing fan studies, the Fanhackers Discord server will be open beginning on October 11 at 02:00 UTC (what time is that for me?). We hope you’ll join us!

Visit its website to learn more about the Fanhackers project


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