Job Search: Fanlore Graphics

Job: Fanlore Graphics

Description: Fanlore is looking for someone to design some small buttons suitable for sidebar display, in 100×100, 64×64, and 128×128 sizes, as well as various “badges.” (Badges are about 210 px wide, and vary in height, but are generally rectangular.)

You can see the Fanlore wiki here. You are not tied to our color scheme, but we do want all the graphics to have a unified look, and be easily recognizable as part of Fanlore.

How to Volunteer: Email your designs to [email protected]. Please submit one square and one rectangular sample of your proposed design.

Graphics cannot include any images under copyright, so no Batman or Fox Mulder, etc. Public domain images that you think are appropriate (books, computers, etc) are acceptable, but please make sure they are not under copyright. Of course, any work you would create on your own and allow us to use would be welcomed, as well.

Send us samples information by: March 24th, 2009.


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