Job Search: Experienced XHTML/CSS Coder

Job: Experienced XHTML/CSS Coder

Description: We’re now much further forward with the Archive, and we’re badly in need of some front end skillz! The illustrious lim wrote the main style sheets for the Archive, but now that those are in place, we have many other front end jobs. The lovely Flamebyrd has been doing sterling work on some of these, and we’re jazzed about the fact that Hope recently joined us to work on skins for the Archive, but there’s a lot of work to do and we’ve yet to perfect our cloning technology. So, we’re looking for people to work on some of the following:

* Reviewing the design of the site for accessibility and making improvements as necessary. We already know we have some issues in this area, particularly when it comes to ease of enlarging text, and we really want to get it right.
* Reviewing our coding standards and making sure that we have fully standards compliant code.
* Implementing cross-browser compatibility for the site, which is currently only Firefox compatible.
* Finetuning the styling for different parts of the Archive, especially in areas which have been built since the main body of work was done on the CSS.
* Lots of other smaller jobs – you can see some of these in our list of current frontend issues.

Estimated Time Involved: As much or as little as you are willing to give us! We understand real life means people are not always available and you may need to dip in and out at times.

Other Information: Ideally you will be working with the same setup as the Ruby Coders, in which case there will be a bit of a setup process to get all the software tools installed on your system and working. However, unlike with the Ruby on Rails coders, this is not as critical, because if this setup isn’t feasible for you, you can just create static html and CSS files and hand them over to the Ruby on Rails coders to be integrated into the application.

How to Volunteer: Use our contact form to send us the following information:

Your name (you may provide your real name or your fannish name–please consider what you feel comfortable using both inside and outside the organization):

Your email address:

Relevant experience and credentials (fannish and/or real life):

Computer system (hardware — CPU, RAM, disk space — and operating system with version):

Please put “XHTML/CSS Coder” in the subject line.

Send us your information by: Ongoing

All volunteers will receive an email confirming their information has been received; please give us up to five days to reply.

Anyone can contact the Volunteers & Recruiting committee at any time by using our contact form.

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