It’s International Fanworks Day 2024!

For anyone who’s missed our earlier posts, here’s a rundown on all the other International Fanwork Day events!

The OTW’s chatroom games session is a 30-hour party that lasts from 21:00 UTC on 14 February until 03:00 UTC on 16 February. The times listed below are in UTC, but you can click the links to find out how that converts to your own timezone.

The games will be hosted on our dedicated Discord server and moderated by OTW volunteers throughout the day. Every hour you will be able to participate in a different fandom-themed game! The timetable and game descriptions are given below; join us on Discord for the games you’d like to play!

NOTE: The games will be played and moderated in English.

14th Feb

21:00 5 Things

22:00 That’s Life

23:00 List Builder

15th Feb

00:00 Countdown

01:00 Two Truths, One Lie

02:00 5 Things

03:00 That’s Life

04:00 List Builder

05:00 Countdown

06:00 Two Truths, One Lie

07:00 Linkee

08:00 Lyrics Round Robin

09:00 5 Things

10:00 List Builder

11:00 Countdown

12:00 5 Things

13:00 Fandom Trivia

14:00 Linkee

15:00 Lyrics Round Robin

16:00 5 Things

17:00 That’s Life

18:00 List Builder

19:00 Countdown

20:00 Two Truths, One Lie

21:00 Lyrics Round Robin

22:00 5 Things

23:00 That’s Life

16th Feb

00:00 List Builder

01:00 Countdown

02:00 Two Truths, One Lie

Game Guidelines

5 Things (5 scheduled)

How to Play: During this game, the host will name a topic and players in the room will call out examples from their favorite fandoms. This will repeat for at least 5 rounds. Be prepared to explain why your answer counts (maybe you’ll recruit someone new to your fandom!)

Countdown (3 scheduled)

How to Play: The host has a list of 7 clues. After they type each clue into the chat room, people can guess what the answer is. If no one guesses correctly, the host offers the next clue. The game will continue until someone has guessed the person, place or thing BUT the sooner someone guesses the answer, the more points they will get! After 3 rounds the person with the most points wins.

Linkee (2 scheduled)

How to Play: The host will read a clue and each player should guess (to themselves — shhh!) what the answer is that fits into the [BLANK]. The host will then read 2 more clues. After each one, players can call out a guess about what they think links the clues together. The first person to guess correctly gets a point. When we have completed all clue sets, the person with the most points wins.

List Builder (5 scheduled)

How to Play: List Builder is a collaborative game in which players work together to come up with a list of fandom characters or items belonging to a particular genre, starting with consecutive letters of the alphabet. Start at A and work your way through to Z (you can be as flexible as required on the difficult letters!)

Lyrics Round Robin (3 scheduled)

How to Play: During this game, we’ll collectively write FANDOM lyrics to replace those of a familiar song. The host will choose the song and type out an alternate first two lines. Then those in the room will write the next lines until the song is finished.

That’s Life (4 scheduled)

How to Play: This is an RP game. Participants will first name a character that they know well for each round. Every round will consist of two random questions posted by the moderator. Participants share how the character they chose for that round would answer the questions as if answering from their point of view. For each round, participants will name a different character to answer the new questions.

Trivia (1 scheduled)

How to Play: Like most trivia games, the host will ask a question and the first person to answer correctly wins that round. Because we’re online and you’re free to do searches we’re going to add another factor, which is time — you must answer within 2 minutes. But you can call out your answer as soon as you think you know. If you’re the first to have the correct answer, the host will type your name and award you a point. At the end of the game, whoever has gotten the most points will be named the winner!

Two Truths, One Lie (4 scheduled)

How to Play: The host will paste into the chat 3 statements. Because we’re online and you’re free to do searches we’re going to add another factor, which is time — you must answer within 30 seconds after the third statement!

We also want to hear from you about other celebrations taking place today. Leave us a comment here to tell us about what your fandom communities are doing!

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      The chat and games event has ended so that’s why the Discord link no longer works. We will be holding it again during next year’s International Fanworks Day events though, so please join us then!

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