It’s International Fanworks Day 2020!

As you all know by now, February 15 is International Fanworks Day! This year, the OTW will be celebrating with our now-traditional chatroom games marathon. You can find details of all today’s activities below, but be sure to check out our previous post for more information on the rest of our #IFD2020 celebrations.

About the IFD games session

The OTW’s Public Discussion chatroom and games is a 29-hour party from 23:30 UTC on 14 February that will go through until 04:00 UTC 16 February. The times listed below are all in UTC, but you can click the link to see the time in your own timezone.

OTW staffers will be moderating the room and hosting a series of fandom-themed games for you to participate in! Check out the game descriptions below and click through to our public chatroom to join in the fun. Please note that these chatrooms will all be moderated in English

February 14th

23:30 – Circle Stories — Eliot (Abuse and Tag Wrangling)

February 15th

01:00 – Trivial Pursuit — Kirsten Korona (Board and Communications)

02:45 – That’s Life — Kirsten Korona (Board and Communications)

04:00 – Lyrics Round Robin — Pam Haas (Communications)

05:15 – Don’t Get Me Started — Pam Haas (Communications)

07:00 – Poetry Round Robin — Pokestine (Tag Wrangling)

08:15 – Trivial Pursuit — Pokestine (Tag Wrangling)

10:00 – That’s Life — C. Ryan Smith (Development & Membership)

11:30 – Circle Stories — C. Ryan Smith (Development & Membership)

13:00 – Don’t Get Me Started — Anhaita (Translation)

14:45 – 5 Things — Anhaita (Translation)

16:00 – Trivial Pursuit — Jess Hindes (Communications)

17:15 – That’s Life — Adi (Translation)

19:00 – Don’t Get Me Started — Chrome  (Tag Wrangling)

20:15 – 5 Things — Chrome  (Tag Wrangling)

22:00 – Poetry Round Robin — Izzy (Tag Wrangling and Policy & Abuse)

23:15 – Lyrics Round Robin — Izzy (Tag Wrangling and Policy & Abuse)

February 16th

01:00 — Circle Stories — Haley (Tag Wrangling)

03:00 — Countdown — Pam Haas (Communications)

You can join the chatroom here. To keep things manageable, the max capacity is capped at 50 people at any one time, so if you’re unable to get in for one event, do try another.

Details About the Games

5 Things

How to Play: During this game the host will name a topic and players in the room will call out examples from their favorite fandoms. This will repeat for at least 5 rounds. Be prepared to explain why your answer counts (maybe you’ll recruit someone new to your fandom!)

Don’t Get Me Started

How to Play: Prompts are posted by the moderator, and participants in the chat will type up responses as if they are going off on a rant about the given topic. There are no winners or losers, just ranting in solidarity with fellow fans (but remember to keep it PG!)


How to Play: The host has a list of 7 clues. After they type each clue into the chat room, anyone can guess what the answer is. If no one guesses, the host offers the next clue. The game will continue until someone has guessed the person, place or thing BUT the sooner someone guesses the answer, the more points they will get! After 3 rounds, the person with the most points wins.

Circle Stories

How to Play: The moderator posts a sentence or two to begin the story, and from there, participants take over. The first person to write another sentence or two to follow the last accepted response continues the story. It will be left up to the discretion of the moderator to choose which response to keep if there are multiple responses posted very close together.

All the while, the moderator keeps track of the story as it progresses and periodically reposts the whole story for reference. Each responder must wait until at least two responses have been posted and accepted to take a new turn. The circle story goes as long as it needs to.

Lyrics Round Robin

How to Play: During this game, we’ll collectively write FANDOM lyrics to replace those of a familiar song. The host will choose the song and type out an alternate first two lines. Then those in the room will write the next lines until the song is finished.

Poetry Round Robin

How to Play: During this game, we’ll write a FANDOM poem. The host will choose a style (limerick, haiku, sonnet, or ghazal) and post the first line. Then those in the room will write the next lines until the poem is finished.

That’s Life

How to Play:  Participants will first name a character that they know well for each round. Every round will consist of two random questions posted by the moderator. You will then share how the character you chose for that round would answer the questions as if answering from their point of view. For each round, you will name a different character to answer the new questions. There will be roughly 5 minutes for you to come up with answers to each set of questions.

Trivial Pursuit

How to Play: Like most trivia games, the host will ask a question and the first person to answer correctly wins that round. Because we’re online and you’re free to do searches we’re going to add another factor, which is time — you must answer within 3 minutes. But you can call out your answer as soon as you think you know. If you have the correct answer, the host will type your name and award you a point. At the end of the game, whoever has gotten the most points will be named the winner!

We also want to hear from you about other celebrations taking place today. Leave us a comment here to tell us about what your fandom communities are hosting!


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