Introducing brand new OTW donation premiums!

OTW Thermos OTW Mug OTW Tote

We’re thrilled to announce our brand new donation premiums!

New as of today are:

  • A set of OTW buttons you can wear proudly to show your support for fandom, fair use, and fanworks! The buttons are handmade with love for you by OTW staff, in the best fannish environments possible: that is to say, surrounded by meta, media, and mayhem.
  • A retro-look 14 ounce ceramic diner mug, in natural finish, with our drive logo featuring OTW keywords. It’s like coffee and conversation topics all in one! What could be better, really?
  • Well. Since you asked, we’re pretty sure what would be better is a way to keep that coffee (or the temperature-sensitive beverage of your choice) hot! (Or cold!) Like our beautiful new 16.5 ounce capacity thermos, wrapped in OTW red leatherette and stamped with an extra-long-style logo. Support the OTW, stay hydrated!
  • And how about a way to cart all of this around? And your USB drives and notebook paper and sparkly pens (if that’s how you roll) and whatever else you might want to keep on hand? We’d like to suggest our amazing new portfolio messenger tote, in eye-catching black and red, with a logo to match your mug. (Dimensions: 11″L 13.5″H 4″W)
  • What’s more, we’ve worked to make it easy to get combinations of premiums! Choose a combo pack for extra joy!

The details: at a level of US$50 or more you can choose to receive an OTW sticker & iron-on pack, OR a button pack; at US$75 donation level you can receive a retro diner mug; at a level of US$100 or more, choose between the insulated thermos or our OTW tote!

At US$120, you can opt for either the tote OR thermos AND the sticker & iron-on pack. At US$200 you get the tote or thermos, diner mug, and the sticker & iron-on pack — then at US$250 you get EVERYTHING: tote, thermos, diner mug, buttons, and the sticker & iron-on pack. It’s an embarrassment of options!

Donating means membership and a strong OTW for the future and servers and all the resources we need to keep our projects going. You would think that would be reward enough! But NO. All this and premiums too! Donate now, and support the OTW!

OTW Thermos OTW Mug OTW Tote
  1. Dark Emeralds commented:

    These are really nice premiums? Any progress on making premiums available to the folks like me who make a regular biweekly or monthly donation that totals X-amount over the course of a year?

  2. Dark Emeralds commented:

    Sorry! That question mark was totally meant to be a couple of !!

    Wow, cool. Those are really nice premiums!! <-- Like that.

  3. Nele commented:

    I was going to pass up on the goodies but I changed my mind. Hello, my new netbook bag! We will get along very nicely.

  4. Norah commented:

    Is there a way for monthly subscribers to get premiums yet? I donate $120 a year, but I do it incrementally . :(

    • allison morris commented:

      there sure is! we’ve added information on that to the donation form, and posted announcing the option here:

      we can’t count payments retroactively, but if you can either reply to your receipt (the sender is our devmem committee), or send a message with the item you would like to pay toward and the name under which you are donating with this form: , then we will make a note and start adding up your donations starting with the october installment. when you hit the total, we will contact you to confirm that your address is still correct, and you will get your premium! we don’t want to penalize our donors who aren’t able to pull together a lump sum, particularly since recurring donations are among our favorite kinds of donations! (other favorites: all of them.)


  5. Alex commented:

    I’m really interested in donating for the tote bag, but I was wondering if there are any details about, such as dimensions and number of pockets/internal storage, etc?

    • allison morris commented:

      hi there! sorry about that — we’ve added dimensions to the listing. they are: 11″L 13.5″H 4″W. there is a front pocket that can be accessed without opening the flap, and an organizer under the flap.

  6. mrkinch commented:

    Coffee mugs are relatively standard but how much does the thermos hold? What are the dimensions of the bag? Perhaps you might include this information in the copy above. Thanks!

    • allison morris commented:

      hi! you’re right, sorry about leaving that out. the thermos is 16.5 ounces; the mug is 14 ounces; the tote is 11″L 13.5″H 4″W.


      we've added this information to the post and all of the mirrors.

  7. michelel72 commented:

    I’m curious about the leatherette on the travel mug and about the materials of the tote bag.

    Does either product incorporate actual leather?

    (Sorry for the spacing; my question keeps getting filtered out and I’m trying to figure why ….)


    • Kristen Murphy commented:

      Hi, michelel72,

      I’m the chair of the OTW Webmasters committee. I’m sorry to hear you had difficulties posting your comment; if you received an error message, would you mind telling me what it was?

      Also, I have one of the tote bags and can confirm that it does not contain any leather (and is very handy for trips to the swimming pool). :) I’ll defer to a Development & Membership staffer for the question about the thermos, though I strongly suspect it is leather-free as well.

      • michelel72 commented:

        It just turned out the spam filter didn’t like my subject line! I reworded and all was well, but I didn’t want to leave goofy formatting experiments in place with no explanation. Thanks for your concern!

        And that’s fantastic news about the tote — of the two, it’s the one I was particularly interested in learning more about. Thank you for the update!