International Volunteer Day 2014

graphic by James Baxter with the words 'thank you' and hearts'

Since 1985, the United Nations has designated the 5th of December as International Volunteer Day, a day to celebrate and honour volunteerism around the world. We would like to take today to thank all the dedicated volunteers who keep this organisation running.

Today, the OTW is made up of 479 active volunteers and volunteer-staff, who run 20 committees and 2 workgroups. They keep AO3 and Fanlore online and functioning; edit Transformative Works & Cultures; preserve fansites through Open Doors; and protect and defend fanworks from commercial exploitation and legal challenge as well as do many, many internal tasks that are unseen by fans.

The OTW’s staffers and volunteers put countless unpaid hours toward the organisation’s mission of providing access to and preserving the history of fanworks and fan cultures. Whether you’ve joined us recently or have been with us since the beginning–seven years ago!–we are grateful for the fantastic work you have done. To all the thousands of volunteers, past and present, who have helped move us forward in our work, thank you!


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