International Fanworks Day Roundup

Banner by Ania of various fanworks including cosplay, text, and visual art

International Fanworks Day is now behind us, but we’d like to thank everyone who took part in our challenge and in celebrating the day! If you missed it, here are some things you can catch up on:

  1. The short fanworks challenge, #IFDrabble. Check out the tag #IFDrabble wherever you fan or the International Fanworks Day 2015 tag on AO3. We’re sharing some of our favorite entries below!
  2. Feedback Fest: See the links to favorite fanworks that people have made (and be sure to leave your own feedback, too!)
  3. We heard about celebrations in other fandom communities, so take a look at the list and drop in to see what they shared!
  4. On 8 February, we held a live chat on “Why Fanworks Should Be Celebrated”, with authors Cecilia Tan, Tara Sue Me, and Racheline Maltese. All of these authors started out writing fanfiction and have gone on to be published professionally—and they still participate in fanworks. Along with moderator Francesca Coppa, the panelists discussed the value and importance of all kinds of fanworks. If you missed it, you can still read the transcript.

And if that isn’t enough, here are some IFDrabble works that caught our attention:

Fandom Crosovers by torturingtaylor (itzaimster) | Hanson RPF
Zac invites his brothers over for a Star Wars marathon.

A Better Class of Lover by AnnaFan | Jane Eyre/Bridget Jones’ Diary/Fifty Shades of Grey
In which our heroines choose themselves better ships than the ones the original authors gave them.

pop-stars and such by salvadore | Ouran High School Host Club
Tamaki’s as ridiculous as ever with his eyes filled with love for a pop-star.

A Stray Kid by Slyboots (Slytherite) | Silent Hill
“You remember this. Boy, did you love Sailor Moon.” Heather decompresses from Silent Hill.

inertia is a property of matter by bemusedlybespectacled (ardentintoxication) | Jupiter Ascending
All that’s missing is the television and VCR on wheels.

Parlez-vous Francais? by HappyLeech | The Evil Within
He’s Japanese-Canadian, with a bit more emphasis on the Canadian part.

Easily Entertained by janebled | Breaking Bad
Jesse and Walt have very different views of what comprises good television.

Tumblr Famous by BlaCkreed4 | Marvel
Deadpool has a popular tumblr blog

Doctor Who by SaraSakurazuka | Hetalia: Axis Powers
Alfred. Arthur. E Doctor Who.

L’Inverno (sta arrivando) è già qui! by bucky_be | Captain America (Movies)
“Incredibile”, pensa Tony guardando l’assassino più pericoloso di tutti i tempi accoccolato come un gatto fra le braccia di Steve.


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