International Fanworks Day is Here!

Banner by Ania of various fanworks including cosplay, text, and visual art

It’s now February 15th in our earliest timezones, which means International Fanworks Day is here! Today is the first annual day to celebrate fanwork of all kinds. Below we have a few things listed that the OTW is sponsoring or connected to but we’d like you to let us know, in comments, about other events and activities you’re aware of so that we can signal boost them.

  1. We’re hosting a short fanworks challenge, #IFDrabble. Get out your tablet, your laptop, or your phone and write up to 100 words to celebrate fanworks! (Why 100 words?)

    What does your favorite character—or your favorite pairing—get fannish over?

    • Does Tony Stark secretly watch—and love—Transformers fan films?
    • Does Athos ship Aramis/Porthos?
    • Do the members of Shinee cosplay as Final Fantasy characters?

    But our challenge isn’t for writing alone — submit a drawble, a short vid, an audio work or other format for the challenge as well. Just post it today as part of the day of celebration.

    Help us find and share it — tag it #IFDrabble on tumblr, Facebook, Dreamwidth, or wherever you fan. (And if you post it on Archive of Our Own, tag it with the International Fanworks Day 2015 tag.)

    Keep it safe-for-work, and we may give you a signal boost!

  2. Feedback Fest: Everyone who creates and shares fanworks loves hearing from the people who enjoyed it, so we’re hosting a Feedback Fest to celebrate the works that we love. Participate by leaving a comment here with a link to fanworks you’ve left feedback on. This way, you can share what you love about fanworks while encouraging others to leave feedback, too.
  3. On 8 February, we held a live chat on “Why Fanworks Should Be Celebrated”, with authors Cecilia Tan, Tara Sue Me, and Racheline Maltese. All of these authors started out writing fanfiction and have gone on to be published professionally—and they still participate in fanworks. Along with moderator Francesca Coppa, the panelists discussed the value and importance of all kinds of fanworks. If you missed it, you can still read the transcript.
  4. Other folks have been talking about International Fanworks Day. Here are some places to read and hear about it:

We also know about the following fan celebrations:

Tell us about more places where International Fanworks Day is being celebrated!


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