International Fanworks Day Feedback Fest 2023

Welcome to the International Fanworks Day Feedback Fest for 2023!

With over 200,000 works on the Archive to date and countless opportunities to get creative with our favorite characters and settings, Crossovers & Fandom Fusions are among AO3’s most popular tropes. We shared in January that the theme of this year’s IFD is When Fandoms Collide, and we invited you to prepare lists of recommendations of your favorite crossovers and fandom fusions. Today, we’re excited to see what you’ve come up with!

To participate, leave a comment below sharing what you love about your recommended crossovers and fandom fusions. Are you impressed by their originality? Did they introduce you to creative new crossover ships? Or did they teach you to see your favorite characters in a whole new light?

Don’t forget to include links in your comment to all of your recs! If you prefer, you can also link to a rec post that you’ve made on social media and tagged #IFD2023 or #IFDChallenge2023.

Of course, IFD isn’t just about celebrating fanworks: it’s about celebrating their creators, too! If you want to show them your appreciation, you can leave kudos, bookmarks, or comments on the fanworks you share—or on any new favorites that you discover from others’ recommendations.

Happy reccing!

  1. dr.girlfriend commented:

    100% my favorite crossover fanfiction is an epic Marvel/D.C. mashup series called Do Every Stupid Thing by thepartyresponsible. It starts with a very original story that predates any of the events of the Avengers movie, but then carries through with the small changes impacting everything throughout the events of the first Iron Man and Avengers movie. It’s just fantastic, and humorous, and so engaging.

  2. Anonymous commented:

    I recommend checking out Pokémon Crossing: Fly Me to the Moon. It’s an amazing Pokémon X Animal Crossing fanfic that explores Animal Crossing characters as Pokémon trainers. Its set in the Hoenn region which is refreshing considering how many Kanto-based Pokémon fics there are. While earlier chapters are rough around the edges, there’s so much care and effort put into this series!

  3. crossover enjoyer commented:

    I got two.

    MCYT Harry Potter Au (Because Why Not?) By Agathia is an enjoyable read 🙂

    Find the Courage to be Bold is a DGS pokemon au, in which everything is the same except there’s pokemon.

  4. Faith commented:

    One of the best Spn and Criminal Minds crossover I’ve had the pleasure to read is this small series of events where various officers of CM meet/hear of the winchesters at various points in their life. Love the introspective writing at an outsider POV of the messed up life Sam and Dean live lol