International Fanworks Day Feedback Fest 2022

We’ve all built our own personal canons -– the fics, vids, art and other works that we love and go back to, time and time again. In January, we told you the theme of this year’s International Fanworks Day was Fandom Classics, and we asked you to start compiling the fanworks that you consider to be essential reading, viewing or listening.

Now the time has come, and we’d love to see what you’ve come up with! This post is where you can share all the works you view as classics of your favorite fandoms. These could be works that have inspired fandoms of their own, works that have inspired you personally, or works that have made you see canon in a whole new light –- however you choose to define it!

To participate, just leave a comment below sharing the details of any of the classic fanworks that you think really shouldn’t be missed. Don’t forget to link to the work itself, and tell us why you consider it to be a fandom classic. (If you prefer, you can also link to a rec post that you’ve made elsewhere and posted with the #IFD2022 hashtag.)

Of course, the creators of these fanworks deserve to be celebrated, too, so when you go back to grab that link, why not tell them how much you love their work? And don’t forget to check out other participants’ suggestions – you just might find a new favorite to add to your personal canon.

Have fun!


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