International Fanworks Day is Coming

Banner by Ania of various fanworks including cosplay, text, and visual art

International Fanworks Day will take place on February 15, 2015! The OTW is making plans to celebrate, but we also want to know what you will be doing!

What is International Fanworks Day?

A day to promote fan creativity in all of its forms, all over the world. Whether in text, image, audio or multimedia, and whatever their nation or language of origin, we use fanworks to express love for our fandoms and forge our own communities and traditions. On International Fanworks Day (IFD), we want fans everywhere to show how important fanworks are to them.

So how do we celebrate it?

Here are some ideas — and we’d love to hear more from you!

* Post a fanwork to the International Fanworks Day tag at the Archive of Our Own or add the tag to wherever else you host your work.

* Participate in the drabble challenge we’ll be holding across our OTW News sites.

* Link to five fanworks where you’ve left feedback in comments to our IFD post on February 15th.

* You tell us!

Look for further announcements as we get closer to February 15!


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