International Fanworks Day 2024 is Coming Soon!

Time flies! We’re already celebrating the tenth anniversary of International Fanworks Day (IFD) here at the Organization for Transformative Works.

Every February 15th, on the day when, ten years ago, AO3 celebrated its millionth published fanwork, fandom gathers to celebrate IFD and fanworks in all their forms—fics, art, vids, zines, meta, and more—and their importance in and across fannish communities all over the world.

We would love to hear about your experience in fandom—as a fan, as a creator, as a member of the community. The running theme for this IFD is 10: give us your ten things that mean the most to you about fandom, share with us a highlight about the past ten years you’ve spent in fandom, or, if you’re feeling nostalgic, tell us about ten funny, exciting or noteworthy moments that happened in your fandoms.

We are going to keep an eye out for the stories shared by fans, so tag your posts with #IFD2024 and we’ll signal boost those stories on the OTW News social media accounts.

In a few weeks we’ll be announcing what the OTW is doing to celebrate IFD 2024. But we also want to know what you and your fandom communities will be doing to celebrate the 10th year of this event! Back in December we asked you what your community was planning for this IFD: we’ll collect information and links to those events until January 28. We’ll then promote those events to our readership on both our website and socials along with our own event schedule, so make sure to share your celebrations!

We are really happy to share this milestone with you, and can’t wait to know what you’re doing to celebrate. We look forward to reading about what fandom and fanworks have meant to you!

  1. dan commented:

    1) the community! the community in general probably means the most to me lol, i was a very lonely person when i discovered fandom as a whole and having access to a bunch of people who share similar interests to me has been amazing

    2) the creativity! every piece of content that i’ve seen come from fandom has been absolutely incredible! even if it wasn’t a masterpiece you could tell that it came from a place of love that i don’t see replicated in other spaces

    3) the writing! i’m a language nerd at heart, and i’ve had a book in my hand since i could read. when i discovered fanfic it was like opening a door to a completely different world. you don’t write fanfic if you don’t love the media, and it was just incredible to find other people willing to put their heart and soul into these fandoms. fanfic writers have been inspirations to me for as long as i’ve been reading fic

    4) the visual arts! whether is be animatics, gifs, cosplays, or still drawings the visual art has always been incredible to me. i struggle with visualizing people in books, so people who can draw them based off of descriptions will never not amaze me. the cosplays are simply to die for, i love seeing all of them so much! and the gif sets will always hold a special place in my heart

    5) the people! i’ve talked about the community, but there are many different things that make up the community. one of those is the people within it. i know that in some places people have been and will continue to be unkind, but if you’re actively looking for it you will find places where people are so incredibly kind. it’s amazing to watch and help bounce and build ideas off of each other. it’s collaboration in a way that i don’t see anywhere else

    6) the exploration! a big part of fandom is asking “what if?” and i love that so much. i love getting to explore all the possibilities of my favorite things, and i love getting opened up to different ideas about how things might go down. you give 20 different authors the same prompt and you get 20 completely different answers. exploring the canon that’s been given to us previously is an amazing experience and i love that part of fandom

    7) the inspiration! i love reading fanfic and looking at all the different visual arts for a plethora of reasons, one of which is that they incredibly inspiring. these authors just really make me want to take an idea and run with it.

    8) the learning! whether i’m writing or reading or just looking at art i learn things from fandom. a story will mention a concept that i’m unfamiliar with, so i’ll have to go research it on my own for a bit to get a greater understanding of the story. i’ll be writing something and i need to learn about something (say the number of vacation days someone gets in a specific country), and i would not be trying to figure that out if i was doing nearly anything else with my time. i learn about new techniques and different styles of art that i’d have no idea existed if the lovely artists didn’t choose to share their work on the internet.

    9) the conlangs! as previously mentioned, i am a language nerd, and i love conlangs (so much). i didn’t even know that they existed before i got into fandom, so they were super fun to learn about (especially through one of my favorite mediums). i especially love conlangs that were created or expanded upon greatly by the fandom, they can get confusing but you can also really see amazing communities when you look into those conlangs.

    10) the lack of barriers! i love that fandom is something you can get into at any time, and that it’s something that is easily accessible. i love that if i really wanted to i could log into ao3, go to one of the listed fandoms, and just start reading to my heart’s content. all without ever having heard or seen anything about that fandom at all. i love that i can join new communities and meet new people at the drop of a hat, and i love that most of these communities are kind enough to welcome most everybody.