International Fanworks Day 2022 is Coming Soon

Get ready: International Fanworks Day is only one month away! International Fanworks Day, or IFD, was founded in 2014 by the OTW. It’s a celebration of all types of fanworks, and it’s held annually on February 15. This year we’re celebrating the 8th annual IFD!

Here at the OTW, our theme this year is going to be Classic Fanworks and we’re letting you define “classic” however you want to. It could mean those works that have formed the backbone of your fandom, or it could be those works that you keep going back to, time and time again –- the works that you consider “essential reading.” You can participate however you want, but here are three suggestions:

  • Create rec lists of these works and share them as part of Feedback Fest, which starts on February 13
  • Write about what your go-to works have meant to you over time, either in an essay or as a social media post
  • Take part in our IFD short-form fanworks challenge and create remixes of them

Whether the works are audio, visual, or text, from vids to podfics or meta to fanfiction, think about what is classic or essential to you!

We’re so excited to see what you come up with and share! We invite you to use the hashtag #IFD2022 or #IFDChallenge2022 if you’re participating on social media and the ‘International Fanworks Day 2022’ tag if the works are posted on the Archive of Our Own. If you or your fandom communities will be hosting your own activities, let us know so we can signal boost them!

Then keep an eye on our news outlets to get more information about International Fanworks Day activities, as we’ll be posting about our plans the week before IFD!


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