IFD2024: What is Your Fandom Doing?

We’re excited to announce that we’ve started working on the next International Fanworks Day (IFD) – an important occasion, since we’ll be celebrating its tenth year! We’re so happy to celebrate this milestone and this event with you, and we’d really like to hear about your community events.

International Fanworks Day, celebrated on February 15, was created by the OTW in 2014 in honor of the one millionth published fanwork on AO3. It’s our way to remember and recognize the importance of fanworks – no matter what form they come in – for their impact on our culture, on our relationships within fandom, on how we experience media, and for the fact that they make our lives just a little bit (or a lot) better.

We want to call all fans from all fandoms, from all cultures, from all countries, from all languages to come together, and share their own fannish events celebrating IFD. Whether you’re hosting a fanfiction reading, a cosplay contest, a fanart exhibit, or a 24-hour comic, we want to hear about it! By sharing your event with us and with the community at large, you’ll be able to connect with fans from every corner of the fandom and support fannish communities by building a welcoming and inclusive environment.

We hope that you’ll join us in the activities we are organizing for the next IFD! Send us information on your community events by filling out this form by January 28, 2024. We will then signal boost your event in a February post.

Stay tuned for our next announcement in January!

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