International Fanworks Day 2021 is Coming Soon

It’s almost that time again: International Fanworks Day is coming up fast! Held annually on February 15th, we have a lot planned out and hope you will join us to celebrate!

What is International Fanworks Day?

Founded by the OTW in 2014 and first celebrated in 2015, International Fanworks Day is a day of celebration for all forms of fanworks in their infinite diversity and incredible creativity from around the world. Whether it be fanfiction, podfic, animation, fanvids, podcasts, fanart, or anything else you can think of, we want to take this opportunity to spend time with creators and fans alike.

Fanworks Challenge: share your favourite lesser known fandoms/fanworks!

This year, given that AO3 recently passed 40,000 fandoms, we want to celebrate all things lesser-known, whether it’s a microfandom you want new folks to join, a work or fandom that deserves more exposure, or a work in a huge fandom that you think deserves more love – and anything in between! From now until #IFD2021 we would like to invite you to share with us your favourite lesser known works or fandoms on social media using the #IFDChallenge2021 hashtag, and we will reblog some of our favourites on our social media channels from the 8th – 15th February.

We would also love to see fanwork creators seeking out small fandoms, minor characters, lesser-known pairings, and so on, and creating works for them! Between now and February 15th we challenge creators to find a smaller fandom, pairing, character, etc that is new to them and create a fanwork for it, using the tag ‘International Fanworks Day 2021’ so we can all enjoy them!

  1. Sparkle commented:

    Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared! The actual webseries is pretty well know and it was popular, but the tag has less than 300 fics, which suprised me based on how big this was!

  2. Ari commented:

    Tangled the Series!!! Such an underrated fandom. The show is great, the fan fiction is even better!! I highly recommend the series Blood Makes the Knife Holy by vaguenotion. It’s amazingly well written!!!

  3. Miku39 commented:

    I was surprised to see that there’s less than 200 fics for Luka/Miku on here, considering how popular it was among Vocaloid lesbians back in the day!

  4. PistolOcelot commented:

    I’d say Final Fantasy IX. Even though it’s one of those most beloved games in the series, there aren’t that many stories of it on AO3 (like a little over 500).

  5. H.D. commented:

    Definitely “Senki Zesshou Symphogear”! It’s criminally underated outside Japan, even though it’s really, *really* good!

    • Calou Calai commented:

      I’m amazed at people saying 500 is small when I look at some of my fandoms – swallows and Amazon’s, Alex Rider there’s such great fic in both

  6. SEGASister commented:

    Monster Prom is a fandom I can say is pretty underrated (makes sense since it’s an indie game created by Kickstarter). It’s starting to gain more traction, but it’s still definitely underrated.