Hugo Award – What it Means

We’re as excited as you are about the AO3’s Hugo win, and we are shouting it to the rafters! We are grateful to the World Science Fiction Society for recognizing the AO3 with the award, as well as to the many OTW volunteers who build and maintain the site, and all of the amazing fans who post and enjoy works on it.

The World Science Fiction Society has asked us to help them get the word out about what the award represented–specifically, they want to make sure people know that the Hugo was awarded to the AO3, and not to any particular work(s) hosted on it. Therefore, while we can all be proud of the AO3’s Hugo win and we can all be proud of what we contributed to making it possible, the award does not make any individual fanwork or creator “Hugo winners”–the WSFS awarded that distinction to the AO3 as a whole. In particular, the WSFS asked us to convey this reminder so that no one mistakenly describes themselves as having personally won a Hugo Award.

Thanks for sharing our enthusiasm, and consider yourselves reminded! We appreciate every one of your contributions.

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  1. melianthegreat commented:

    Excuse me, but AO3 is a collaborative effort. Without the content contributions of the fans (not to mention financial) the site would be little more than yet another fanfic repository on the internet passing judgement on everyone and shilling for money, which is what you tried to not do.

    I don’t give a flea-ridden rat’s behind what the WSFS wants to clarify, this award belongs to everyone. If forces within OTW and WSFS are going to start playing Revisionist History now, good luck getting regular content or monetary contributions in the future.

    • melianthegreat commented:

      Sorry if this reaction is me having it go up my back end sideways, but it’s just the sheer idea. Oh, here, we want your website to have this award. We want you to give your content and donate money and talk us up, but hold on, go back into your closet, we’re still ashamed and don’t pretend to be as good as a professional writer because you’re not, so don’t associate with us.